Hammertone designs and builds the Tesla Coils that you can't afford.
From the traditional coils for Museums and Theme Parks,
To the coils that are Musical Instruments.
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Hammertone delivered the spark effect for
Roman Signers installation at Palais de Tokyo 2009

Midi file playing Bach.
Coils are 6 proof of concept DRSSTC's. 2005.

Midi file playing Popcorn.
Coil is V-Twin prototype. 2009

The first public musical performance.
Culture night in Nibe, 2005

Live input from a MIDI saxophone.
Cambridge Teslathon 2007

One coil had the flu that day, but we got them in the box!
Concept promo for ESC 2007

Traditional Tesla Coil at Danish Electricity Museum.
First coil we built, 2003

This cartoon contains the best explanation of what a tesla coil is.
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